User-specific settings can be made in the options. A distinction is made between program and project options. Program options are universal, i.e. independent of the current project. Project options, on the other hand, are project-specific.

Program options


Options: User

Here you can enter your company name and address, as well as a company logo. These appear on the title page and in the header of the presentation.


Options: Extended

Adjustment option Description
User directory Default directory for your self-created projects
System of units SI units
All units are displayed in the metric system.

US units (imperial)
All units are displayed in US units. This applies to length dimensions and temperatures as well as cable cross-sections (AWG).

SI units and American Wire Gauge
The cable designation “American Wire Gauge” (AWG) codes the diameter or cross-section of a wire, it is usually only used in the USA, but occasionally also in European data sheets.
Currency The currencies depend on the settings in the Windows Control Panel.
Automatic update check The program can check whether a new release or an updated database is available at the first daily program start via the Internet and download and install it on request. You can deactivate this function and execute the update manually via the menu Help > Check for Updates.
Always create a backup copy The program automatically saves the project status every 5 minutes. You can find these backup copies in the menu under File > Backup Copies. When the program is closed, the backups are automatically deleted. In case of a program crash, these backups will be restored at the next program start. You can find the restored backup copies in the menu under File > Backup Copies.
Within 3D planning, the behavior for creating backup copies is set separately in the 3D planning dialog. Options.
Error message in message window Messages appear in the lower message bar and additionally in a separate window.
Warning for simulation in hint window Warnings appear in the lower message bar and additionally in a separate window.
Submit anonymous usage data Help us improve our software by providing us with anonymous usage data.

Reset to Delivery status

Options: Reset to Delivery status

The individual areas can be reset using the button.

When resetting the database it is possible to save the current database as a backup copy. If you want to restore your database with a backup copy, the database file (*.sdf) must be named PVSOLpremium.sdf and stored under C:\ProgramData\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVdatabase\Version5.0\ (Version 5.0 or later).

Project options

Various project-related settings can be made in the project options. The following project-specific options are available:

  • AC grid
  • Simulation
  • Wiring limits
  • Automatic switching
  • Presentation
  • Simulation results

The exact setting options are described in the individual pages.