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GeoT*SOL® is a professional tool for planning and designing heat pump systems. You can select various system types and components, calculate energies and costs to achieve the best possible seasonal performance factor.

  • GeoT*SOL® simulates heat pump systems, including combinations with solar thermal collectors and conventional boilers.
  • Heat pump medium options: geothermal probes, geothermal collectors, air, groundwater.
  • Heat pump types: brine/water, water/water, air/water.
  • The dynamic minute simulation over a year calculates seasonal performance factors, energy use, losses, solar fractions, efficiency, etc., for the entire heat pump system.
  • Financial analysis: The heating price of the heat pump system and a comparison system are calculated over the lifespan.

GeoT*SOL® features simple system navigation and a clear program structure. Your work is made easier with:

  • Simple project management: one file per project.
  • A large number of climate data records.
  • Up-to-date databases (collectors, heat pumps, boilers).
  • Quick and easy system parameter setting by “walking through” the program pages from left to right.
  • A project status permanently displayed in the frame on the right side.
  • Clear project reports.