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Select Heat Pump from the Manufacturer Database

You will see a table with heat pumps and options that simplify the selection process. Some of these options can be found in the context menu (right-click on a heat pump row).

Working with the heat pump database

  • Filter table

    There are heat pump product types for each system type. Select a heat pump product type.

  • Search function

    Search for:

    • Manufacturer
    • Product (name)
  • Sort table

    Click on a column header to sort the table.

  • Context menu

    Right-click on a heat pump to access the context menu.

  • Create user-defined heat pump

    Use the context menu to create a copy of a heat pump. Additionally, see: Heat pump

  • View properties

    Use the context menu to open the data sheet, which contains the following information:

    • Product information
    • Test points table
    • Scope of application