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Project and customer data will appear in the project report.

How to proceed:

  1. Enter the required data.

  2. Specify a system location and select the corresponding climate data.

  3. You can load an image of your project.

  4. Proceed to the next page.

The data will appear in the project and financial analysis report.

Additonally, see:

Menu Options → User data

Climate data

The dynamic simulation down to the minute depends on the climate and thus the location.

MeteoSyn has its own help function, which you can access directly in MeteoSyn.

If an error occurs during the selection of a location in MeteoSyn, the following workaround can be applied:

  1. Choose “Create New Location” in MeteoSyn.
  2. Navigate to the desired location on the map and mark it with the mouse.
  3. Close the window by clicking on OK.
  4. If the window is not closed and the message “Climate data could not be generated” is displayed, an alternative data source to Meteonorm must be selected.