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The project report page displays a preview of the project report. The content of the report can be configured, and layout profiles can be created and edited. The report can be exported as a PDF or DOCX file and printed.


On the left side, you can define what should appear in the project report. The changes are saved directly in the selected layout profile.

Layout profile

The selected content can be saved in a layout profile and used for further project reports. The following editing options are available for the profiles:

  • Create a new profile with the selected content.
  • Rename profile: The name can be edited directly in the profile selection.
  • Delete the selected profile. There must be at least one profile.


The preview is updated directly after the content is changed if Update preview directly when content is changed is selected in the preview. If this is not selected, the preview must be refreshed manually via the Refresh button .


  • Print the project report.

  • Export the project report as a PDF.

  • Export the project report as a DOCX file.