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GeoT*SOL® incorporates up-to-date databases for heat pumps, collectors, boilers, and tanks. These databases are regularly maintained and updated via the internet database update feature.

The heat pumps database comprises brine/water, water/water, and air-water heat pumps.

Similarly, the collectors, boilers, and tanks database includes all the solar collectors and boilers that are also found in T*SOL®.

If you have access to the internet, you can easily update your databases. To initiate the update, simply navigate to Help → Check for Updates, and the process will be executed automatically. It’s important to note that any data records you have personally created will be treated separately and will not be overwritten by the update.

Open Database via Menu vs. Open Database via Page

When accessing the database through the menu, you will have the ability to view and edit the items.

When you opt to open the database via the corresponding page and utilize the Select button, only the products that match the selected system will be visible. This ensures that you see and can edit the relevant products, allowing you to select a specific item. To determine the matching system, please refer to the selected system information.

Tree (left side)
  • The manufacturers are displayed in alphabetical order on the left-hand side.
Product Table (right side)
  • Search: Search for a product by entering the name or a part of it into the search field. The use of an asterisk (*) as a wildcard is not necessary.

  • Filters: By checking the “Show user-created products only” checkbox , you can limit the displayed products to only those that have been created by users.

  • Table: On the right side, a table displays all the products belonging to the selected group.

  • Sort: Sort the products by clicking on a column header.

  • Select: To confirm your selection, click on the “Select” button. Alternatively, you can exit the database dialog by choosing “Close,” “Save,” or “Cancel.”

  • Favorites: To select or deselect a product as a favorite, click on the first column.

Create and edit your own data sets

You can create your own products using the Create copy option.

System data records are provided.

Only your own products can be edited or deleted. To modify a product, highlight the corresponding line, right-click to open the context menu, and select Properties. In the resulting dialogues, you can make changes to individual parameters.

How to share user-created heat pumps with colleagues:
  1. In the heat pumps database, click on the “Export” button to copy all user-created heat pumps to a file with the extension “.tcomp”.

  2. Send the exported file, such as “MyHeat-pumps_export.tcomp,” to your colleague.

  3. Your colleague can import the file by clicking on the “Import” button.

Please note that at this time, it is not possible to import boilers and solar thermal collectors.