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Geothermal basics

Heating with Geothermal Energy The objective of a heat pump is to heat a building. For this purpose, heat is extracted from the ground, the air, or the ground water. The heat pump requires electricity, which, for example, can be generated by a solar installation. The natural environment provides a range of heat sources from which a heat pump can generate heat. Brine-water heat pumps Heat pumps with geothermal probes extract heat from deep ground, i. »


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Auxiliary energy Electrical energy used by heating, cooling, ventilation, and/or domestic hot water installations to support energy conversion to meet energy requirements. NOTE 1: This includes the energy for fans, pumps, electronics, etc. The electric energy supplied to the ventilation system for air transport and heat recovery is not considered auxiliary energy but the ventilation energy requirement. NOTE 2: In EN ISO 9488 [15], the energy requirement for pumps and valves is called “parasitic energy”. »