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Using dynamic simulation by the minute, GeoT*SOL® Basic calculates the relevant performance values of the heat pump system over the course of a year. The results are displayed by the tabs Seasonal Performance Factor (SPF) and Energies.

How to proceed:
  1. Go to the Simulation results menu. The simulation runs automatically if you have changed any settings. The progress bar first shows the pre-simulation. The pre-simulation has a duration of 3 days for the heat sources air and groundwater and 120 days for geothermal probes and collectors.

  2. For monoenergetic systems only: Enter the Performance share at std. outdoor air temp. from the manufacturer’s information of the heat pump to calculate coverage and the seasonal performance factor of the heat pump.

  3. Proceed to the next page.

Additonally, see: The costs per kWh of thermal energy are shown on the page Financial analysis.