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The heat pump systems that conform with your selection criteria are presented.

Proceed as follows:
  1. Select the heat source with a collector type:

    • Geothermal probes
    • Geothermal collectors
    • Ambient air
    • Groundwater

    Based on this, the corresponding system, as well as corresponding characteristics and values are presented on the pages heat pump and heat source.

  2. Select which electrical consumers are to be connected to a photovoltaic system:

    • Heat pump
    • Heating element (of the heat pump)
    • Source side pumps (with air as the heat source, the fan is assigned to the heat pump)
    • Solar circuit pump (can only be selected for systems with a solar circuit)

    This enables the Photovoltaic system page and allows it to be configured.

  3. In order to select a system, click on the button “Select.” The window “Select system” opens.

  4. Proceed to the next page.

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