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GeoT*SOL® Features

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Welcome Quick Guide
Project data System location, customer data
MeteoSyn Climate data and location database, 8000 locations worldwide
System selection Space heating loop and heating requirements
Space Heating Heizkreis und Bedarf
Domestic hot water DHW circulation loop, consumption, temperatures
Heat generators Heat pump: Database with 3700 heat pumps; Boiler: For bivalent systems, a database with 1500 boilers.
Heat sources Groundwater: Temperatures, groundwater pump, (water/brine intermediate loop); Geothermal probe: Heat pump, brine, soil, dimensioning of geothermal probe and borehole depth; Geothermal collector: Heat pump, geothermal collector, brine, soil type; Air: Ventilator
Mode of operation Settings for the control of the heat pump and the boiler, tariffs, and off periods.
Tank Tank according to system selection: combination tank, DHW tank, and/or heating buffer tank
Solar loop Solar collector (select from T*SOL database); installation, piping, solar loop pump
Photovoltaic system PV-Module selection, Installation, Control for PV optimization
Simulation Seasonal performance factors, power consumption, energies, losses, solar fraction, efficiency, SPF acc. to VDI 4650
Financial analysis Heat generation costs for heat pump system and comparison system: tariffs, prices, investments, subsidies, allowances, heating price, etc.
Result graphics Configurable diagrams
Project report Configurable project report (PDF, DOCX)