System configuration

The grid-independent battery inverters and batteries are usually designed using the System configuration. For systems with several units of battery inverters and batteries (clusters) a MultiCluster Box must be used. The minimum size is automatically suggested using the system configuration. Alternatively, the design can also be created or adapted manually.

To design the battery inverters and batteries using system configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. Open system configuration via the button

    • First, the battery inverter is designed and then the batteries.
  2. System configuration: Battery inverter

    System configuration: Battery inverter

    1. Click the button to determine the possible battery inverter configurations.
    2. Select the desired configuration and change to design the batteries.
  3. System configuration: Battery

    System configuration: Battery

    1. Select the desired Design period

      • The design period specifies the period with its mean solar radiation gains on which the determination of the autonomy time is based.
    2. Enter the desired autonomy time

    3. Use the button to select all batteries to be used as selection basis

    4. Via the automatic design of the batteries is started

      • The number of batteries and their number in series is determined.
      • A maximum discharge to 20% of the battery capacity is assumed.
    5. Select the desired configuration

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