System requirements

Supported operating systems

Currently PV*SOL® requires Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 running on 64 bit. Systems running on 32bit will usually work as well, but without guarantee. Like any program, PV*SOL® at execution time requires resources such as processor, memory and disk space to store temporary files.

To use PV*SOL® premium an additional DirectX compatible graphics card is required. Most modern computers of recent years meet these requirements.

An overview is available here:

Internet connection

The program checks your proxy Windows system settings and uses them to establish an Internet connection to the Valentin Software server. If available, the company proxy is used.

If the program is still unable to establish an Internet connection, the message No connection to the Internet is displayed. In such cases it is best if your network administrator contacts us.

URLs required by PV*SOL

In order to be able to use the full range of functions of PV*SOL®, the connection to a number of URLs and the servers behind them must be given. If you do not have access to URLs, please contact your network administrator.

Mandatory URLs

Function URL
Online Databases
Checking for updates
Checking for updates
Links out of PV*SOL®
License server

URLs for map providers

If you want to use the map section function for 3D planning, the following URLs must be enabled depending on the map provider:

North-Rhine Westphalia
Google Maps Satellite https://khm[0-3]
Google Maps normal und hybrid https://mt[0-3]
Open Street Map https://[a-b]
Bing Maps http://t[0-9]
Switzerland https://wmts[0-9]
Vienna (Austria) http://maps[1-4]
Tyrol (Austria)
South Tyrol (Italy) http://

The following URLs must be enabled for the address search:

Valentin Geolocation API
Legacy Valentin Search
Open Street Map
Bing Search

URLs for climate data

For downloading climate data for new sites in Meteosyn the release of the following URLs is necessary:

Valentin TMY API
Solcast TMY API
SolarAnywhere TMY API

Regional settings: Currency, numbers, time and date

The program uses the formats for currency, numbers, time and date defined under Windows in the regional settings of the control panel. These formats also appear in the printouts. Make sure that the thousands and decimal separators are different.