Backup Generators

Creating a new entry

Create a data set by defining the various properties of the add-on generator on the subpages.

Basic data

  1. Choose company With the button all companies can be displayed and new ones created.

  2. Enter name for model

  3. (optional) Insert comment

  4. Determining whether the component is available. Components that are not available are hidden in the database view by default, but can be displayed again.

  5. Enter the user ID to be used. The selected user ID determines the visibility of the record.

Backup Generator: Basic data

Electrical data

Define the output variables of the additional generator here.

  • Nominal AC voltage in V Voltage between phase and neutral.
  • AC Rated Current in A
  • AC Rated Power in kVA
  • Maximum AC Power in kVA
  • Number of phases

Fuel Consumption

Also define the fuel consumption by specifying the corresponding fuel consumption for all load ranges.

Backup Generator: Electrical data and fuel consumption

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