Battery inverters (offgrid)

Creating a new entry

Create a data set by defining the various properties of the battery inverter (off-grid) on the subpages.

Basic data

  1. Choose company With the button all companies can be displayed and new ones created.

  2. Enter name for model

  3. (optional) Insert comment

  4. Determining whether the component is available. Components that are not available are hidden in the database view by default, but can be displayed again.

  5. Enter the user ID to be used. The selected user ID determines the visibility of the record.

Electrical data

Define the electrical output variables of the battery inverter.

  • Rated voltage
  • max. AC current
  • AC continous power at 25°C
  • AC power for 30 min at 25°C
  • AC power for 60 min at 25°C
  • Consumption without load
  • Standby consumption

Battery inverter: Basic data and electrical data

Battery data DC

Define the battery data that form the DC input of the battery inverter.

  • Max. Battery voltage
  • Min. Battery voltage
  • Rated voltage
  • Max. charging current

This information is used, for example, to automatically display the appropriate batteries via the system configuration (see Pages > Battery inverter and battery > System configuration) for the selected battery system.


To define the efficiency, specify the corresponding efficiency for all load ranges.

Battery inverter: Battery data and efficiency

Use in stand-alone system

Here you define to which grids (one-, two- and three-phase systems) the battery inverter can be connected and how many devices can be connected each time.

Battery inverter: Use in the off-grid system

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