Import PAN files

From version PV*SOL® 2022 R1 PAN files can be imported into the database. PAN files contain specifications of photovoltaic modules in text form. They are therefore suitable for exchanging module data between different programmes. PVSyst exports specifications of PV modules in *.PAN file format.

The file extension PAN has its origin in the French name for solar panel: Panneau solaire.

How to import PAN files

In the database product view of the PV modules, the Import PAN files button is available under Actions:

The action Import PAN files is available in the product view PV modules under Actions

Import window for PAN files

Clicking on the button opens a file selection window for selecting the PAN files to be imported. You can select several files and open them in one process. The following figure lists eight PAN files after they have been selected and opened:

Import window for PAN files

The following columns are available in the import window for PAN files:

Column name Explanation
Manufacturer from file The name of the manufacturer from the PAN file
Manufacturer in database After reading in the respective file, the manufacturer name from the file is checked against the database. An attempt is made to pre-select a manufacturer that already exists exactly or similarly. The preselection is taken over into the creation dialogue
File name The file name of the PAN file
Status The status indicates whether the parameters from the PAN file satisfy our validity check. Invalid or missing values, if any, can be corrected or added in the creation dialogue
Import This button opens the product dialogue for the respective PV module created from the PAN file
User ID A list of your user IDs. The preselection is taken over into the creation dialogue

The preselection for the manufacturer and the user ID can be adjusted in the creation dialogue for PV modules and subsequently during editing as usual.

Importing a PAN file as a PV module

By clicking on the button of the respective PAN file from the list, a hint window opens. You will be prompted to check the parameters that are not present in the PAN files.

Note window of the parameters to be checked

After confirming the note, the creation dialogue for PV modules opens. This was pre-filled with the parameters from the PAN file. All values can be adjusted as usual. The description was pre-filled with an info to determine the weak light point:

Automatically completed description with note on low-light behaviour and link to online help