Diagram editor

To access the Diagram Editor, click Diagram Editor in the tree directory of the results page. Three types of diagrams are available for visualizing the simulation results:

Time series


Here different simulation results are plotted over time. You can decide which size you want to display using the Select data series button. You can set the display interval and the start and end time under time. If you move the mouse over the diagram, the corresponding values are displayed below the diagram.

Select data series

The data series to be displayed are defined in the select data series dialogue. The colors of the data points can be adjusted individually. You can also save your selection as a default.

Dialogue: Select data series

Please note that only data with a maximum of two different units can be displayed simultaneously.

Carpet Plot

The result display with carpet plots is particularly helpful for presenting large amounts of data clearly and for determining behavior patterns at a glance. As an example, the losses and gains due to the low light behaviour of the PV modules are visualized in hourly averages. If you require a higher resolution, simulate with synthesized minute values.

The abscissa shows the days of the year from 0 to 365, the ordinate the hours of the day from 0 to 24.

Characteristic curves

The result display of the characteristic curves is interesting if you want to gain a better understanding of the module behavior or the MPP trackers. You can visualize the current-voltage characteristics and the power-voltage characteristics for each time step.