Manual configuration

  1. Inverter selection

    Inverter selection

    Select an inverter from the drop-down menus Company and Model. Click the button for detailed information on the selected inverter. Alternatively, click the button to access the database. The desired inverter can also be selected there.

    If the desired inverter does not exist in the database, you can create and use your own data records.

  2. Specify number of inverters

  3. Per used MPP tracker: Specify number of strings and number of modules per string

    • Manual
    • Using the selection list

      Selection number of modules

      The selection list only shows circuits that are within the design and tolerance range. Circuit tolerances can be edited under Options > Project options > Connection limits or by clicking on the Circuit limits link. For more information, see Connection limits.
  4. (optional) Add more inverters

    • Existing connections or inverters can be added via the button .
    • Additional inverters can be added via the button .

Automatic Configuration

The existing module areas can be automatically interconnected using

  • Propose connection
  • Select connection

In both cases, the automatic interconnection depends on the Configuration limits.

The suggestions of the automatically generated circuits are made without Power optimizers.

Propose configuration

With the button the selected module area is connected automatically. It is possible to select several module areas at once for connection. The suitable inverters are selected from the database via the on-hand selection link.

Propose configuration

Select configuration

If a selection of different, automatically calculated connections is desired, the dialog Calculate Inverter Connection can be opened via button .

Calculate inverter configuration

To select an inverter connection, proceed as follows:

  1. Use button to select the inverters in question from the database

  2. (optional) Adjust__View and criteria__

    • Here, settings for the display and information on the MPP trackers of the inverters can be made, according to which criteria the MPP trackers are to be connected.
  3. (optional) Adjust connection limits

  4. Start automatic connection via the button

  5. Select the desired connection

    • More detailed wiring information can be obtained by pressing the button

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