Bifacial modules

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In PV*SOL® you are able to analyse the additional yield due to bifacial modules. There are two ways to activate the calculation of bifacial modules:

  1. In 3D planning, a module elevation is created that contains bifacial modules.
  2. Here on the page PV modules without 3D planning a bifacial module is selected and the installation situation set to “mounted - roof” or “mounted - open space”.

Use of bifacial modules in 3D planning

If you create a module elevation in 3D planing that contains a PV module whose bifacial factor is greater than 1, the system is automatically calculated as bifacial. The necessary data such as frame distance, height, etc. are taken directly from the 3D model. On the overview page of the 3D system, the data can be viewed in the “Elevation for bifacial modules” dialog.

Overview of the data for the calculation of bifacial modules from 3D planning.

Use of bifacial modules without 3D planning

If you create a PV system without using 3D planning, the calculation of bifacial modules is activated simply by selecting a bifacial module and the installation situation “Mounted - roof” or “Mounted - open space”. If neither of the two installation situations is selected, a corresponding message appears.


An important value for the calculation of the radiation on the rear side of the module is the reflectivity of the substrate, the albedo. The Albedo can be set in the project options (see also PV modules > Further parameters).

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