Battery systems (ongrid)

Creating a new entry

Create a data set by defining the various properties of the battery system on the subpages.

Basic data

  1. Choose company With the button all companies can be displayed and new ones created.

  2. Enter name for model

  3. (optional) Insert comment

  4. Determining whether the component is available. Components that are not available are hidden in the database view by default, but can be displayed again.

  5. Enter the user ID to be used. The selected user ID determines the visibility of the record.

Battery inverter

  • Specify rated power
  • Specify maximum charging power (30 min)
  • Specify maximum discharging power (30 min)
  • Select type of coupling
    • AC coupling
    • DC generator coupling
    • DC link coupling

Battery system: Basic data and battery inverter


Specify Efficiency of battery inverter: Enter the corresponding efficiency factor for the respective load.

Battery system: Efficiency

Charging strategy


Here you define the electrical data for the:

  1. Select battery Use the button to select the desired battery from the battery database. For more information on the selected battery, press the button .
  • Specify number of batteries per string
  • Specify number of battery strings

Battery system: Charging strategy and battery

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