Electric vehicles

Creating a new entry

Create a data set by defining the various properties of the electric vehicle on the subpages.

Basic data

Define the basic data of the electric vehicle.

  • Manufacturer Use the button to display all manufacturers and create new ones.

  • Enter name for Model

  • (optional) Insert comment

  • Determine wether the component ist available. Non-deliverable components are hidden by default in the database view, but can be shown again.

  • Enter the user ID to be used. The selected user ID determines the visibility of the record.

Electric vehicle: Basic data


  • Range according to NEDC
  • Consumption
  • Battery capacity
  • Discharge capacity
  • Engine power
  • Tare weight
  • Top speed
  • Additional charging capacity
  • (optional)Number of seats

Charging station

Define the basic data for charging the electric vehicle.

  • Select charging technology
    • AC Type 1
    • AC Type 2
    • AC Type 2 (industrial)
    • DC CCS
    • DC Chademo
    • Supercharger
  • Specify the charging power
  • Discharge to cover consumption

Electric vehicle: Vehicle and charging station

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