Shading due to nearby objects

For each point of near objects (p0) the shadow cast (pS) on the plane of the PV modules (p1-p2-p3) is calculated.

Vector-based calculation of the shadows on module level for each point of the near objects.

The shadow polygon is clipped to the module surface

Resulting shadow cast by a nearby object at module level.

Polygon clipping onto the module surface.

Source of graphic: Quaschning: “Simulation der Abschattungsverluste bei solarelektrischen Systemen” pdf

The ratio of shadow size to module area gives the degree of shadowing. In PV*SOL® the x-y shadowing vectors are calculated at string or cell level to ensure highest simulation accuracy.

In the shaded module area, only the diffuse radiation reaches the PV cells. In the unshaded area, full global radiation reaches the cells.

Depending on the number of shaded strands, the module characteristic collapses.

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