By registering PV*SOL®, you can change from Trial version to Full version status. To register successfully, you need a valid serial number. You will receive a serial number when you purchase the product.

If you have a trial version, you can register PV*SOL® directly at program start. When the program is started, a dialog appears indicating the remaining test period.

Info test period

There you can purchase PV*SOL® by clicking the button or register the program by clicking the button , provided you have a valid serial number. The serial number consists of a combination of numbers and letters, which must be entered without spaces, but together with special characters.

Program registration

Alternatively, register PV*SOL® via the menu bar under Help > Registration. Click on the button to register.

Info: Registration

License Terms

How often may the program be installed?

The number of possible installations corresponds to the number of licenses you have purchased. For example, if you have purchased one single-user license, you can install the program on one workstation.

Reactivation of software

If you want to move your licence to another computer, you must first release the relevant serial number on the old computer. To do this, please open PV*SOL® on the old computer and carry out the following steps:

  1. Open the registration dialog via the menu Help > Registration
  2. Copy your serial number via the button
  3. Click the button
  4. Click the button

PV*SOL® confirms the release of your serial number. With the released serial number you can register your software on the new computer.

You can only release a licence yourself once in six months.

License Agreement

The license agreement can be displayed in the menu under Help > Registration > License Agreement as a *.pdf-file.

Software Maintenance

To keep PV*SOL® always up-to-date, we recommend considering our software maintenance: Software Maintenance.

Software maintenance includes:

  • Electronic delivery of updates, i.e. of program changes within a program variant of a software program to a higher program version,
  • Access to renewed component data, i.e. to updated data records stored in the software program relating to the products used (e.g. PV Modules, Inverters, etc),
  • Answering technical questions by telephone/e-mail as well as general questions about the delivery, the serial numbers and the activation of the software program(s) and the updates as well as the possibility to access the component data.