Selection of battery system

To select a battery system, proceed as follows:

  1. Selection of the battery system

    Selection Battery system

    Use the Companies and Model drop-down menus to select the desired battery system. With the button you get detailed information about the selected battery system. Alternatively, click the button to access the database of battery systems. The desired battery system can also be selected there.

    If the desired battery system does not exist in the database, you can create and use your own data records.

  2. Determining the number of battery systems

    A maximum of 20 systems can be selected. The number can either be entered directly, or the current value can be incremented or decremented. using the arrow keys.

Battery system information

Informations Battery system

Parameter Description
Installed Power Rated power of the battery inverter
Charging power (U0) Required charging power for boost charging of batteries in kW. Based on the storage capacity of the battery and the boost parameters (U0 charge) of the battery charging strategy
Battery Rated power of battery inverter in kW
Load Peak Maximum power of all consumers in kW
Usable battery energy Calculated from the battery voltage DC, the battery capacity C10 and the usable battery charge range (Maximum SOC - Minimum SOC)
Average consumption at night Nightly average consumtion of all consumer in kWh
Recommendation HTW Recommended size by HTW Berlin [1]
Battery Usable battery energy in kWh
Average consumption per 24h Daily average value of all consumers in kWh
Maximum consumption per 24h Maximum daily consumption of all consumers in kWh

The electrical charge stored in a battery (galvanic cell) is called capacity.

[1] WENIGER, Johannes; BERGNER, Joseph; TJADEN, Tjarko; QUASCHNING, Volker. 2015. Dezentrale Solarstromspeicher für die Energiewende. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Berlin.Document: PDF

For further information and studies on battery storage, see Research Group “Solarspeichersysteme” at HTW Berlin.

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