The consumption is transferred to the simulation in minutely or hourly time series. The time series are generated from the entered load profiles and individual consumers by addition:

$$ Consumption(\text{h}) = \sum_{k=0}^{n}Load profiles(\text{h}) + \sum_{k=0}^{n} Individual consumer(\text{h}) $$

Individual consumers

This is how the peak consumption of individual consumers is calculated:

Consumer type Calculation method
User-independent consumer: Operating period = Annual power demand / Power*(switches every X hours) / 8760Peak consumption = Power, if operating time $\geq 1\text{h}$Peak consumption = Power*Operating time/1h, if operating time$\lt 1\text{h}$
User-dependent consumer: Peak consumption = Power
Short-term consumer: Peak consumption = Power * Operating time / 1h
Light: Peak consumption = Power

Consumer influence on simulation

The consumption in one hour is assumed to be constant, i.e. with an operating time of 15 minutes per hour, it is simulated as a device that runs for 1 hour with a quarter of the load.

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