Favourites management

Favourites management was introduced for everyday plant planning with selected components from your own product range. This controls filtered views of the individual databases.

The use of favourite products and tariffs allows a more targeted search and enables a faster working method due to the filtered and thus reduced view of the database lists.

Defining Favourites in Database Lists

The favourites are defined in the respective database list for products and tariffs. Below is an example of the database list for PV modules, which can be opened via Databases > PV Modules. You can select your favourites by clicking on the star. In the company overview on the left-hand side, the star is located to the left of the respective company. In the product overview it can be found in the column Favourite.

Defining favorites for the PV module database

Please note that the Favourite column in the product list can be hidden.

Filter Database List by Favourites

Activating the Favorites filter limits your view to the selected favourites. With another click on Favorites the filter is deactivated and the complete list is displayed.

Using Favourites in Planning

The entries favored in the database lists are available to you during project planning when you use the fast selection.

Filter fast selection by Favourites

If the monocrystalline example modules of the company Example are selected in the database list, they are exclusively available for selection on the navigation page PV-Modules, if Selection from favorites only is selected:

Navigation page PV-modules: Exclusive selection from favourites

This works analogously with batteries, battery inverters, battery systems, delivery and feed-in tariffs, inverters and auxiliary generators.

In contrast to products, tariffs are favoured by country instead of by company.