In the menu Databases you can view and modify the following components and create new data records:

  • Batteries
  • Battery systems (ongrid)
  • Battery inverter (off-grid)
  • Bezugstarife
  • Delivery tariffs
  • Electric vehicles
  • Load profiles
  • Net-Metering tariffs
  • Power Optimizer
  • PV-Modules
  • Inverters
  • Auxiliary generators

The data records are edited, selected and grouped in the respective database selection dialog.

When the Internet connection is active, the database is checked for available updates, which may be installed automatically. The check can also be done manually in the database. Automatically on updates you can update your databases. The update will be started under Help > Check for updates. Self-created data records are retained.

By the way: These databases are maintained by the manufacturers of the components, especially the PV modules and made available to you at regular intervals via a database update.

Is there a component missing in the databases with which you want to simulate? Send us an inquiry to, we pass them on to the contact person of the respective manufacturer.