Welcome to the help pages for PV*SOL® and PV*SOL® premium! We want you to get used to the programs quickly and have updated the help.

PV*SOL® supports you in the planning of photovoltaic systems.

Program highlights


  • Worldwide climate data available
  • Simulation in hourly and minutely resolution
  • Simulation with battery systems and electric vehicles
  • Simulation of off-grid PV systems
  • Planning of PV systems with own consumption/surplus feed-in, optionally with battery accumulators

Convenient wiring

  • Automatic determination of an optimal inverter connection
  • Manual adaptation of the circuit with optimum support
  • Polystring circuits
  • Power optimizer

Input of PV module areas via different paths

  • Determination of the number of modules and visualization of the module area by means of a photo
  • Automatic module assignment of any roofs in a 2D roof view
  • Planning of the PV system in a 3D environment

Optimal evaluation and presentation of results

  • Detailed profitability analysis with return on investment, payback period, …
  • Configurable and exportable project documentation: title page, overview, …
  • Detailed simulation results can be exported

Always up to date

  • Regularly – from the manufacturers! – updated databases (PV modules, inverters, battery inverters,…)
  • Regular releases available via program update
  • Free Webinars
  • Numerous tutorial videos to support the program operation

Optimum user support

  • Fast creation of projects through a clear structure of the navigation pages
  • Incorrect planning is prevented by an input check
  • Detailed help
  • Simple selection via product favorites management (PV modules, inverters,…)